Ancestry and genealogy specialisation


Ancestry and genealogy specialisation

Over the years we have helped many clients to trace their family roots in Slovenia and in some cases we have been able to facilitate family reunions or bring family members together for the first time.

This normally involves undertaking some research weeks or months in advance of our clients’ planned trip so that we have plenty of time to pinpoint the key locations, properties, churchyards and other places of interest. Where the intention is also to find living relatives and to make the arrangements for bringing families together, we do require as much notice as possible please.

We have achieved some fantastic results where our clients waited until the actual time of their visit before providing us with the information about their Slovene ancestors. But typically we have achieved the best outcomes where our clients sent us copies of all of the relevant details regarding their family history in Slovenia, well in advance of their trip.

Documents containing family names, dates and places of birth, addresses or place names, records of marriages and deaths, or any other relevant information are the most important. Any old photographs of family members and properties can also be very useful.

Modern technology has made it easier for us to undertake our own desk research about our clients’ family history, using tools such as internet search engines, online directories, local authority websites and google maps. Where extra assistance is required, we have developed relationships with specialist organisations in Slovenia such as the National Library, the Slovenian Genealogy Society and the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, who can provide us with a deeper level of local knowledge and expertise. Some of these additional research services are free of charge and some services have fees. We would advise you of any associated charges prior to conducting each stage of our research.

In addition to the custom made ancestral aspects of your tour, we can include all of the other destinations and visitor attractions on your “bucket list”.  Your private tour can feature the main highlights and some hidden gems of Slovenia. Furthermore, if you would prefer to widen the scope of your visit to the wider Alpe-Adria region, we can also include parts of Croatia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro in your private tour itinerary.

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