Weddings & events

Pictures: 1 to 3) Weddings at Lake Bled, 4) Wedding at Castle Otočec.

Weddings & events

Weddings: If you are planning to get married in the romantic surroundings of Lake Bled, or elsewhere in Slovenia, we can provide all of the private transfers, 1-day tours or complete tour packages that your wedding party requires. We can look after all of the peripheral services around your wedding but we are not specialist wedding planners and we would recommend that you employ the services of a local professional for this purpose. We can certainly provide you with the contact details of some reputable, locally based wedding planners if you require any assistance.

Other family celebrations: Whatever the occasion, we can take care of the private transfers, 1-day tours or complete tour packages that your family group requires. We can also assist you with your arrangements for function room hire, restaurant bookings or any other similar requirements you may have.

Business events: We have a proven track record for delivering reliable private transfer services to companies and other organisations holding their events in Slovenia. These include business conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings. We can also assist you with other aspects of your event which are peripheral to the main daytime activities, such as local tours, special dinners and wine tastings.

For more information about how our private transfer services, private 1-day tours and tour packages can be custom made around your wedding arrangements or other special events, please refer to the main menu above.

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